Nexters unveils its Boost program aimed to help independent game developers


We are happy to announce our new program that will provide independent developers with expertise and funds needed to launch their games and build successful international businesses.

Our Nexters Boost is open for talented teams across the world, focusing on Russian-speaking developers in Eastern European countries. The program will provide select developers with know-how to unlock the participants’ full potential and help them achieve international success as well as investments that range between approximately $500,000 and $2.5 million per project in exchange for equity share in the studio.

The Nexters Boost team includes leading developers, marketing specialists, analysts, and strategists. Our department leads and top managers will serve as mentors within the program. The team will be supporting the program’s participants with expertise in a variety of subjects from UX and community management to monetization and user acquisition.

Anyone interested in applying to Nexters Boost can do so at the program’s official website: Applicants will be judged on several criteria: existence of a playable prototype or a minimum viable product, team structure and confidence in building the final game, market potential to reach global audiences, product and marketing innovation.

Nexters Boost is the first public step in our broader M&A strategy with many more exciting things to come!

To learn more, please refer to our official press release: